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It's time for another heated challenge - a battle for first place! Fight for first place with your teammates in the battle tournament and win unique prizes. If you don't have a partner, you can also register alone and will be matched with other players who also don't have a partner. Apply now until 04.02.2024 23:59 GMT+1! Applications are only possible via our Discord server.


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As a JFTSE player, forum member, or FT-Rebirth Discord member, you must abide by our rules, which are the same for every user. These rules are meant to provide a peaceful and fair interaction while playing as well as communicating. Breaking our rules may result in a sanction of your JFTSE account. Please ensure peaceful coexistence accordingly, so that playing is more fun for all of us together.

Regardless of these regulations, you must of course comply with the legislation of your country as well as the European Union. Breaking our rules will result in sanctioning your account. Depending on the rule breaking and the severity of the rule breaking, the sanction may vary. A permanent termination of your account can be the consequence. Repeat offenders may be banned from the game and forum completely (domiciliary right). Breaking the rules happens on your own responsibility. Every consequence, however, is due to one's own fault. The word of the staff members must be obeyed. If you have any questions or difficulties with a member, you can always contact the team.

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